Grand Pope Xistove (ssjstereotype) wrote,
Grand Pope Xistove

Them porno games is get'n fancy

'Sa good thing I'm in the ocean where Jesus, Holy Knight of Internets does not grace us with his benign tumor of high data rates.

Generic large creature that the hero must fight, even though there will be other much stronger enemies that embody equally wusslike bishounen swordguys or hot chicks with boobs too big to kick anything's ass. Put m'cock in her mouth she won't be casting any spells 'cept Level 4 Jizz Digestion.

Dunno what's goin on, but I'm pretty sure I'll be pushing buttons. Even if it is turn based. Is it turned based? OH MAN THIS MIGHT BE ACTION BIRDS EYE VIEW ANIME GAME WITH PORN CUTSCENES YAY!

She's attackin something, then she gets stuffed. Sounds just like the Women's Rights movement to me.

Oooh man speak of the savior I thought I saw Jesus in a monitor fingerprint. I WAS gonna try to figure out how to sell it on ebay, but he looked pretty pissed so I rubbed it away. After all, stuck on a monitor is no place for the Lord of Lords.

Oh yeah Dave, Lord of Lords Ryu Knight and Ryu Knight: Adeu's legend. Classic action Animeish around 1996 for the remake Adeu's Legend. Y'mightabee findin it through Haou Daikei Ryu Knight BUT THEN AGAIN BAHAHA OGOOQOGOOQO
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