Grand Pope Xistove (ssjstereotype) wrote,
Grand Pope Xistove

So I decided to continue Gravitiation after 5 or so years


I actually typed Singedkitten instead of my name. oh man.

1) I'm on duty the first day in port.
2) Bert's gay.
3) I'm sober.
4) I watched Gravitation.
5) Brain Powered has false advertising.

Now, that's not to say Brain Powered is bad. It looks to be able to catch my interest if I gave a fuck at the moment, but the series before it...oooow.

Alrigh Dave. Remember when I told ya not to watch Gravitation 'cause it's about some gay dudes in space? I was wrong.

IT'S ABOUT GAY DUDES SINGING. Them space suits? THEY WERE SPANDEX!!!! It's REC, but with a lot less boob. Thankfully there was a LITTLE boob in the form of purple haired scantly clad chick, but oh jeez. Some guy with pink hair singing japatechno and hangin onto a blonde japadude? And then abunchaotherjapadudes with flangly hair and colored construction toilet paper for clothes. The music wasn't all that good either. The only reason I watched the first few episodes YEARS AGO was for a song called Shining Collection.

Now, aside from the flamming homotude, it's a decent series. Pretty funny when Fagoshinichi isn't being a whining ass. In fact, the homo part isn't what bothers me, it's that he's such a fag about being a homo. Fag meaning sucking to the extreme that it somehow makes your penis transform into an upside down cupcake with a sad face drawn in mustard, not a derrogatory term towards homosexuals that bring us such great products such as the cotton gin, stop lights, caribou/giraffe seizures, and velcro tampons. It had the potential to be JUST UNDER Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh and Pani Poni Dash. So, what does Gravitation lack?

1) Boobs
2) Boobs
3) Schoolgirls
4) Optional blurred vagina
5) Cats
6) Small boobs on hot, small chicks
7) Large boobs on hot, small chicks
8) Decent sized boobs on amazon 7 foot chicks with angry veins coming from their panties.
9) Less flailing tards and repetative dance moves during the singing.

I also believe that if they were indeed in space, and Gravitation involved some sort of side-story about having super powers and fighting a secret war, or having sorcerers trying to save the last of their breed, or at least having some kind of...panty chasing school life it would have been good. Hell, they coulda stayed gay and just had their own zany, ass grabbing antics while the chicks did their own thing. Naked. The chicks. Dudes keep clothes on.

ALTERNATE GRAVITATION PLOT. I figured this out by drawing boobs on a torn piece of paper and holding it over every character, but with a little bit of modification they could totally all be chicks.

Lesbians singing and flailing to bad techno is a good thing. In short, if you're gonna be gay, you'd better get boobs...wait no. Have boobs in the first place. Have a boobs sidekick?

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