Grand Pope Xistove (ssjstereotype) wrote,
Grand Pope Xistove

Tryin ta remember crap I've seen


And I might repeat
And I'll list the ones that are movies
And I'll rearrange in order of what's better.

The Slayers – Greatest Old Fashioned Fantasy Anime EVER
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Sad story about chick in hospital for too long and her boyfriend is bonin someone else
Visions of Escaflowne – Chick goes to fantasy world with steam robots and catgirls
Record of Lodoss War – Epic fantasy series, REQUIRED FOR ANYONE WHO EVEN SAYS THE WORD ANIME
Armitage – Better than the series. 3 movies, mechachickboobs
Cyber City Oedo, movie – Criminals working for the police to become free
3x3 EYES – Chick from hidden race with special powers has boobs
E.Y.E.S. of Mars, movie – Chick with special powers wants to see the fucked up outside world.
Venus Wars, movie - Government of Venus has political shit. Reporter gets too much information.
Berserk – The most extreme guy ever does the most extreme stuff ever. Sequel coming
Goldenboy, though I think you still have it
Blue Submarine No. 6 - All I remember is half nude mermaid chicks with fangs
Black Cat
Blue Seed – Green haired dude and crazy chick
Green Legend Ran, Movie
Gunsmith Cats – Chicks in a detective agency
Happy Lesson
Happy Lesson Advance
Ranma ½
Aura Battler Dunbine – Mecha chick
Dirty Pair and all its incarnations – Chicks in a detective agency PRETTY MUCH NEKKID
Golgo 13
Tales of Eternia
Kare Kano
Himiko-den – Chicks with special powers runnin around
Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind, movie
Ebichu – Hampster watchin chick get boned
Sailor Moon AND ALL THE MOVIES. Make sure it's uncut.
Tekkaman Blade THOSE MOVIES TOO. – Dude and some dudes and a chick in mecha suits.
Demon City Shinjuku, Movie – Faggot ass demons pissing people off
Lensman, Movie
8-man After, Movie – Guy with cyber suit whoops ass
Samurai Pizza Cats – Cats with super power armor
Ronin Warriors – Dudes with super power armor
Suddenly Pudding Princess – Chick who knows magic shakes boobs
Final Fantasy Unlimited – Chick gets on a train to FuckedUpVille
Kiddy Grade – Chicks in space shootn stuff
Sousei no Aquarion – Chicks half nekkid on water scooters
Air Master – Chick kickin stuff
Bubblegum Crash – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor
Bubblegum Crisis – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor 2: Not in the 80’s
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor 3: More animated boobs
AD Police - The guy with chicks kickin stuff in powered armor talks about bonin
PATLABOR - Some tards solving crime with dirty looking mecha
Dominion Tank Police - Police in tanks having hijinx
You’re Under Arrest - Chicks catchin people doing bad stuff
Futari Ecchi - Guy tryin ta bone hot blue haired angry chick
Girls Bravo - More boobs than you can shake a boob at
Dragon Links (Outlaw Star spinoff): Hot police chicks that Gene Starwind prolly boned
Knights of Ramunes - Hot chicks around some kid that gotta get boned to power giant mecha
Magical Knight Rayearth - Hot schoolgirls in skirts with swords
Cyber Team in Akihabara: Pretty much same schoolgirls that transform to hot near nekkid battletron chicks
Uretsai Yatsuna. (I fucked that up. It's the OOOOLD thing from Rumiko Takahashi that made Ranma, with Lum. It has a newer movie from mid 90's called beautiful dreamer). Chick flyin around in leopard bikini

Stuff I had to look up from old tv listings:
X/1999 - Tards fighting to see who gets to fuck up the Earth first
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Crap from space nearly pwns Earth until crazy guy bones all the chicks and wins.
Tenchu Muyo! - Dude afraid of a buncha chicks
Tenchi Universe - Dude afraid of a bunchamore chicks:
Tenchi in Tokyo - Dude moves to Tokyo from chicks to bunchamore chicks.
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy - One of them chicks twirls a baton
Some Tenchi OVA about hot sexy Mihoshi, and the movies
Bakuretsu Hunters - A guy and his brother with hot chicks working for a hot chick with magic
Angel Sanctuary – Fuckin goths, some hot, tryin to be cool.
Tokyo Underground – Chicks with special powers from udnerground meet dude with special powers above ground.
Birdy the Mighty(3 or 4 episodes) – Nerd gets fused with hot chick, switches places in danger.
VanDread – Pretty much Tenchi Muyo in space. Nadesico ripoff
Narutaru – Chicks and some fags with giant starfish that are “dragons”
Flame of Recca – Kids with special powers fighting the system
I My Me, Strawberry Eggs – Dude gets makeover as a hot chick and teaches at all girl school
Eureka on cartoon network now? - Homos in mecha
Mirage of Blaze SUCKS. SUCKS.
Konjiki no Gash Bell – Fag gets a doll that shoots lightning
Appleseed – Chick and a black guy in a robot body shoot stuff
Project A-ko (A few movies) – 3 hot chicks tryin ta bone each other in space
Tenchi GXP – Tenchi’s cousin bones space chicks
Arc the Lad – Dude wearing a dress swings sword around
Ninja Scroll – Yet Another Japanese History lesson
801 TTS Airbats – The Japanese Air Self Defense is pretty much useless
Mahou Senshi Riui – Dude too strong to be a sorcerer has hot chicks helping him
Sorcerer Stabber Orphen – Above guy’s more competent friend has chicks follow him
Dragon Pink oooohhennnn
Dragon Half – Dragon chick fights for 2 episodes and leave you with blueballs
DiGi Charat – 2 seasons of retarded chibimolestation
Steel Angel Kurumi – Robot chicks awaken and bone some guy
Saber Marionette - Ditto
Hand Maid May – Miniature Chii bones guy in the palm of his hand
Green Green – Summer camp of highschool kids bonin
Maburaho – Chicks bein tards
Ichigo 100% - Dude and his friend take pictures of panties
Tokyo Mew Mew – Pink haired chick hots all over the place
Azumanga Daioh – Wasted tax money in schools
Shingetsutan Tsukihime – Hot vampire walkin around in a turtle neck sweater
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Girl singin crap with deep throat
Rockman – Super fightin robot bitch
Grenadier - Boobs with gunshells. Almost crap
Inital D – Dudes with cars and techno
Hale de Nochi Guu – Survivor: Azumanga Daioh
Samurai Deeper Kyo – Japanese History Lesson Part 2
Xenosaga the animation – Knock off of a good game that’s better than the knock off of Ragnarok
RahXephon – Robots based on band geek crap
Pretear – Sailor Moon meets fairy tales
El Hazard (3 seasons) – Guy and rival with his girlfriend go to another world and waste time.

GAINAX heavy plot stuff that I haven't put yet(

Mahoromatic – Chobits with more extreme girlfriend action
Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai – Comic book animation saves money
Mahou Tsukai Tai – Chicks flailin about with no reason
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water – Hottest black chick in old school anime
Otaku No Video – Chick with my kinda hobbies

Stuff I had to look up to remember:
D.N Angel – Guy who becomes a thief from his bloodline
Fate/Stay Night – Damn good attempt of making porn into a real series
Generation of Chaos – Tried to be better than Lodoss War. Close.
Kamisama Kazoku – Hot chick strangling her own vagina
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu – Schoolgirl acts hot
Tsubasa Chronicle (theres a Tsubasa Chronicle 2, too) – Guy and girl following him get into bullshit
Nanaka 6/17 – Bullshit flails about without finishing any real plot
Battle Royal Highschool – Who needs a plot with battling schoolgirls?
Da Capo – Nice schoolgirls doing LIFETIME channel things
Fortune Quest – Chicks going after treasure
Fushigi Yuugi – Chick goes into another world, finds a bunch of dudes and a chick who is a dude
Gensou Maden Saiyuki – Japanese Lesson Part 3
Groove Adventure Rave – Pokemon Advanced

Stuff I found through mah music:
Air – Sad shit about hot chick who is really a hot chick reborn
Cowboy Bebop – Dude, dude, hot chick, hot chick and dog bounty hunting in space
Dual! (From creater of Tenchi Muyo!) – Dude goes to parallel universe with chick, finds other chicks
Onegai Teacher – Hot chick from space teaches
Ayashi no Ceres – Hot chick is really a hot crazy chick with powers
Onegai Twins – Hot chick and her twin are from space
Trigun – Tard, preacher tard, talltardbitch from Hokkaido and angry bitch shoot stuff and each other.

Nadesico – Tenchi Muyo in space again
Yu Yu Hakusho – Guy shoots crap out of his finger
Saikano – Chick is a military weapon and hot
Get Backers – Guys work for hot chicks as detective agency
Stellvia – Bitch in space
Shaman King – Punkasses summoning dead spirits
Lost Universe (Slayers spinoff) – Tard and bitch solve crimes
Galaxy Angels – Chicks in SPACE YES
Kyou Mara Maou – Chick can’t really figure out life
Samurai 7 – Japanese History Part 4
Infinite Ryuvius – Childhood friends chick and dude go to space
Legendz – Failed attempt at great Fantasy. Good enough
Hunter x Hunter – Dude and dude run around roleplaying
Night Walker – Vampire fag uses his power to solve crimes
Mahou Tsuki Tai! – Chicks flailing about, younger
Kodomo no Omocha – Kids being damn near raunchy in the cock
Star Ocean EX – Guy from space meets chick that never went to space. Based on game Star Ocean: The Second Story
Weiss Kruez - Buncha assassin dudes pretending to sell flowers
Twin Spica – Doll headed dude from space abuses children
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