Grand Pope Xistove (ssjstereotype) wrote,
Grand Pope Xistove

It's still here?!

Here's to my 2nd year in the desert fighting the war on...

...I...don't remember.

Let's recap my career!

Came into the Navy at the good ol' 2003. Already felt like it'd be four years of complete bullshit only a week into boot camp.

Made it to Japan in 04. Enjoyed life heaps, but I couldn't stay. Left iiiin...March of 06 I believe? Somehere around there touched some random desert bullshit in 06 for like 3 months, but whatever, moving on.

Out on the ocean. Still in the fuckall desert. 06 to 07. WHOA LOOK AT THAT, I get off the boat and go to more desert.

So what's this? Pretty much desert from June-ish 2006 to today, July of 2008. I'm not out to make it look like I'm the center of this entire movement, but what has been accomplished. I didn't COME IN to try and fight this war on a random "ism", but jeez. With all the money spent, all the lives lost, and all the actions we've put forward...shouldn't we have like, at least walked away with something positive?

What am I going home to? Well, I came in the Navy to get my college paid for. I survived, so my college is getting paid for. People died for the same, some died for less.

I came in for travel. I certainly did see a lot of...desert. Some people died to see what they saw. Some people died seeing nothing but sand.

Decent stack of money. Some people died for this money. Shit, some people died for MONUMENTAL LOADS MORE. And still, some people died for nothing.

I think the best of all, I get freedom. No more dealing with useless bullshit. No more "putting forth the effort" even though the fake effort is more detrimental to the cause, since "doing the right thing" is much easier, safer, and actually works.

Nice freedom. I don't have the need to be told how easy my job is, seeing as there are "people on the field" risking their lives. Even though I've...been...there. The air conditioning at this job is great. Not rubbing it in the faces of you guys who haven't escaped the sandbox yet, but honestly. You know you'd be in this a/c if you want to. Don't worry. I'm not a hog, I'll share.

Great freedom. No more wearing this uniform. No more "going through the motions" when I could be actually contributing to the cause, just because I have superiors that are more interested in looking good than actually doing good.

I'm not dead. Yet. That's probably the best part. Many hold those who have died during this struggle in high respects. I do as well, but not because they defended their country. They died in the face of overcoming bullshit. Some died thinking it was for their country, others died because that certain fatal blow came at the right time, whether they were in for money, college, escaping home, out of money, or just for a change of pace. Others died...just because they died. They all died with gas prices still rising, the "enemy" still fighting for what they believe in, and many generations with many reasons and burdens over their back coming right behind them for the slaughter.

Now, before anyone thinks me insensitive...well, yeah. I kinda am. Before anyone thinks me un-American, I'm not. Else I wouldn't be here in the first place. My question goes out to anyone that would challenge me, anyone that would ask why I'm not out on the field with my brothers and sisters in the face of bullets, IEDs, high school dropouts, religious fanatics, political intrigue.

My question is to those dealing with year long deployments, liberty restrictions, heat exhaustion, scorpions, terrorists and rocket propelled grenades. All of you in the service, think of what you're doing right now. Not what you represent, not the "good answer" that you think people are looking for, not what we "can" or "will" do, and not what you believe in. The heart, mind and soul are all useless to this answer. Close your ears to those thanking you for your service. Don't look at the paycheck, don't think about your friends or family that were lost. Rewind the tapes, go back to September 11th 2001 and think about it. Look in your hands. Right now, and tell me.

Could you stop a plane from flying into a building?

To those who say "yes", here comes another question.

Why didn't you?
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