Grand Pope Xistove (ssjstereotype) wrote,
Grand Pope Xistove

New Terms of Bonerology

Buxomicity - A guage devised by Professor Michael Prescot Ezekiel Singedkitten III for measuring boob length, girth and roundness. The Buxomicity scale is a range of Negative 20 (-20) to the extreme size smaller than proportionally allowed, while Positive 20 (+20) being to the extreme sizes larger than proportionally allowed. These represent the two thresholds of "Whoa not hot" in a way the compares quality with quantity, rather than size alone. The ideal of "perfect" is 0. Buxomicity scale can also be determined by hand banging on surfaces, subtracting from 20 left hand bang for large boob hotness or adding to twenty on right hand bang for small boob hotness.

Boobology - Study of boob, a catalyst to the study of Bonerology.

Vagology - Study of Ladycrotch.

Never study the bonerology of other dudes unless in the format of conversation related to Boobology or Vagology.
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