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I keep forgetting about this thing. [19 Jul 2013|04:46am]

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We really need to stop bumping into each other like this, LJ [09 Feb 2013|11:47am]
ARM I KWAI YET UGUU http://fuzzrug.com/uploaded/tardery/uguubro.jpg
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[25 Jan 2012|08:22pm]

Holy shit what was wrong with me? EVERYTHING RIGHT
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[28 Jul 2008|04:09am]
[03:50] DUraiden: k sirius question
[03:51] MakoDragonSin: Yes sire.
[03:52] MakoDragonSin: Let me take you to a time where all black people were poor, and those who weren't were the enemy.
[03:53] DUraiden: k
[03:53] DUraiden: I like trips to the past
[03:53] DUraiden: it's monotonish
[03:55] MakoDragonSin: I'll take you to a grocery store called IGA. International Grocer's Association.
[03:55] MakoDragonSin: Center of the black American ghetto.
[03:55] DUraiden: Can we get some potato chips, I like chips
[03:55] MakoDragonSin: Do so.
[03:55] DUraiden: sweeeet
[03:56] MakoDragonSin: You've obviously heard of Kool-Aid. Simple powdered drink. Mix with sugar and water. Good times.
[03:56] DUraiden: Hell yeah
[03:56] DUraiden: kool aid is awesome

[03:56] MakoDragonSin: In IGA, we have something called Flavor-Aid. "Back in the Day" they cost about 5 cents a pack, as opposed to 35 cents for Kool-Aid. The downside, they were painfully acidic and tastes very different. But we had to make do.
[03:56] MakoDragonSin: There were only three flavors, which are masters of our race.
[03:57] MakoDragonSin: Red, Purple, Orange, and "Pank".
[03:57] MakoDragonSin: Pank, as you may be asking in addition to saying "that's not three", is neither a color nor a flavor.
[03:58] MakoDragonSin: It is an anomoly called Pink Lemonade, other times Pink Juice, on some occassions, Pink Grapefruit. It is not a flavor at all. It is a desire.
[03:58] DUraiden: Yes I agree I used to drink that stuff by the carton
[03:58] DUraiden: good times
[03:59] MakoDragonSin: The three flavors before resembled real fruit only in packet design. They were supposed to be Cherry, Orange and Grape respectfully, but their flavor was definately different. Furthermore, while it may seem strange, many kids grew up knowing about these colors associated with flavor before the actual fruit they were meant to mimick.
[03:59] MakoDragonSin: Guilty as charged.

[04:00] MakoDragonSin: Red is the most powerful flavor, but Purple was always a close favorite. While Red could never be pinpointed to a certain flavor as it has represented "fruit punch", "strawberry", "watermelon" and "cherry", purple was the only flavor that could be positively matched with a fruit. Grape.
[04:01] DUraiden: Yeah red is good, reminds me of red freezie pops
[04:01] DUraiden: so awesome
[04:01] MakoDragonSin: Now, there are two types of black people. Those who managed to be lucky enough to discover grapes at a young age, and those who lived on purple so much that the word grape only meant the fruit and the nasty juice that grandma made them drink as a laxative. Because it looks like prune juice.
[04:02] MakoDragonSin: The former continue to call it "Purple", while the latter call it "grape".
[04:03] MakoDragonSin: Since purple is the most popular flavor that is also called by its fruit representation, others(white people) are exposed to black people's love to it before red. I mean, I understand.
[04:03] MakoDragonSin: Red isn't a flavor.
[04:03] MakoDragonSin: It's a car.

[04:03] MakoDragonSin: So, while Red is the dominant flavor amongst blacks, Purple/Grape is the most well known, which is why you thought to ask me about it.
[04:04] DUraiden: I see
[04:04] DUraiden: You know I think Orange is the stuff mcdonalds uses for there orange drink
[04:05] MakoDragonSin: It is. While it is Orange and you could associate its flavor with the fruit orange if given the thought beforehand, it tastes nothing like an actual orange.
[04:05] DUraiden: which if true means Orange flavour aid is pretty good too
[04:05] MakoDragonSin: It is simple a different flavor of sweetness.
[04:05] MakoDragonSin: Also, Canadian
[04:05] MakoDragonSin: You cannot use the u in this spelling.
[04:05] MakoDragonSin: For the packet reads FLAV-OR-AID
[04:06] DUraiden: Yes but in canada we can afford the "u"
[04:06] MakoDragonSin: Touche.
[04:06] DUraiden: Damn now i want some flavor aid
[04:08] MakoDragonSin: I hate you.
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Livejournal is fuckin emo [22 Jul 2008|03:49am]
If you don't believe me, look below to see what this place made me do!

Gayest rant I've made this week.

And I mean that in the most liberal, open minded way possible.

DAMNIT. Now I'm becoming sensitive to other people's feelings again. Oooooh LJ. Clever. Clever.
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It's still here?! [22 Jul 2008|03:14am]
Here's to my 2nd year in the desert fighting the war on...

...I...don't remember.

Let's recap my career!

Came into the Navy at the good ol' 2003. Already felt like it'd be four years of complete bullshit only a week into boot camp.

Made it to Japan in 04. Enjoyed life heaps, but I couldn't stay. Left iiiin...March of 06 I believe? Somehere around there touched some random desert bullshit in 06 for like 3 months, but whatever, moving on.

Out on the ocean. Still in the fuckall desert. 06 to 07. WHOA LOOK AT THAT, I get off the boat and go to more desert.

So what's this? Pretty much desert from June-ish 2006 to today, July of 2008. I'm not out to make it look like I'm the center of this entire movement, but what has been accomplished. I didn't COME IN to try and fight this war on a random "ism", but jeez. With all the money spent, all the lives lost, and all the actions we've put forward...shouldn't we have like, at least walked away with something positive?

What am I going home to? Well, I came in the Navy to get my college paid for. I survived, so my college is getting paid for. People died for the same, some died for less.

I came in for travel. I certainly did see a lot of...desert. Some people died to see what they saw. Some people died seeing nothing but sand.

Decent stack of money. Some people died for this money. Shit, some people died for MONUMENTAL LOADS MORE. And still, some people died for nothing.

I think the best of all, I get freedom. No more dealing with useless bullshit. No more "putting forth the effort" even though the fake effort is more detrimental to the cause, since "doing the right thing" is much easier, safer, and actually works.

Nice freedom. I don't have the need to be told how easy my job is, seeing as there are "people on the field" risking their lives. Even though I've...been...there. The air conditioning at this job is great. Not rubbing it in the faces of you guys who haven't escaped the sandbox yet, but honestly. You know you'd be in this a/c if you want to. Don't worry. I'm not a hog, I'll share.

Great freedom. No more wearing this uniform. No more "going through the motions" when I could be actually contributing to the cause, just because I have superiors that are more interested in looking good than actually doing good.

I'm not dead. Yet. That's probably the best part. Many hold those who have died during this struggle in high respects. I do as well, but not because they defended their country. They died in the face of overcoming bullshit. Some died thinking it was for their country, others died because that certain fatal blow came at the right time, whether they were in for money, college, escaping home, out of money, or just for a change of pace. Others died...just because they died. They all died with gas prices still rising, the "enemy" still fighting for what they believe in, and many generations with many reasons and burdens over their back coming right behind them for the slaughter.

Now, before anyone thinks me insensitive...well, yeah. I kinda am. Before anyone thinks me un-American, I'm not. Else I wouldn't be here in the first place. My question goes out to anyone that would challenge me, anyone that would ask why I'm not out on the field with my brothers and sisters in the face of bullets, IEDs, high school dropouts, religious fanatics, political intrigue.

My question is to those dealing with year long deployments, liberty restrictions, heat exhaustion, scorpions, terrorists and rocket propelled grenades. All of you in the service, think of what you're doing right now. Not what you represent, not the "good answer" that you think people are looking for, not what we "can" or "will" do, and not what you believe in. The heart, mind and soul are all useless to this answer. Close your ears to those thanking you for your service. Don't look at the paycheck, don't think about your friends or family that were lost. Rewind the tapes, go back to September 11th 2001 and think about it. Look in your hands. Right now, and tell me.

Could you stop a plane from flying into a building?

To those who say "yes", here comes another question.

Why didn't you?
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Oh man [09 Nov 2007|06:38am]
Fuck everyone else on Bleach. Especially Ishida. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY those fucking puppets. Fuck those puppets.

Well, I kinda like Uryuu more now since he's a jackass.

But fuck 'em.

There hasn't been any decent comedy aside from slapstick Captain antics since Rukia's R-tard drawings.

Nel is the best character in any form of media or literature.

Say hi. <3

Oh yeah still in the Middle East. Blah blah Allah blah blah bombs blah blah patriotism. Send me some fucking Rice Krispy treats you fgts
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Well [30 Sep 2007|02:51pm]

I'm alive.

Maybe I'll be out of the Middle East this century. Hooray internets returns!
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Some tards arguing about some bullshit [04 Dec 2006|08:21am]
A controversy that has been listed on Gendou.com, the best website for doing anything. Ever.

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Why am I still out to sea? [06 Nov 2006|11:04am]
I gotta find some more pictures of this bitch. Boy howdy, she makes my man bladder swell up like a fat chick in Dunkin Donuts. Supposedly she plays some kind of sports, olympic cock sucking or Gold Medal Ball Juggler or something like that. All I know is that if I'd ever get a hold fo her, I'd...well, I'd probably be tired after having the massive amounts of other dudes around her kicking my ass, but I'd probably have enough energy to gently nestle my scrotuxlar sack begainst her chin or amidst her eyebrows.

Though, there is only one turn of for me. It's mental. Her last name is BEARD. Any time I look at her, I imagine her with a beard. Thinking about her, I can see a moustache on her like that one Mexican on our ship who tried to shave a C onto his face. He will be referred to as Guacamole heretheretothereforth, to protect the innocent. But really San--Guacamole, why did you do that?

I have an idea, man. Aright alright get some eye liner and paint a C onto your face. Call it a curved Zorro since it's all sharp and whatnot.

Back to dunking my testes into Amanda Bynes or whateverhernamebe's trachea, here are some pictures for those not yet inclined. I couldn't give a shit where she comes from, what she does, and people who write articles are gayer than the fags who stuck the whole "Blog" trend on fucking websites, so I'll get on to the pictures now. But first, we must prove a very vital fact.

Even the fuckugliest chicks can become destructively hot. Now, let us begin the Hoh.

Nipples stickin outta red shit makes my cock feel like an upside down umbrella shoved inside a lemur's vagina.

The one that originally made my cock speak Spenglish, even though I know neither English nor Spanish. S'pinned up in berthing, about to be pinned up on my cock. ...Wait, that might hurt.

Here we have her being jizzed on by two elephants off camera. Notice her tiger-ish look, the look that says "I'm being jizzed on by elephants, and I don't give a SHIT."

She displays the Default Women Leg Spreading Technique, which was know for its vital role in World Wars I and II when Japanese ninja whores taught the Axis how to put blades in their vaginas to shred the cocks of soldier boys who got too raunchy. This is why we fight.

The only reason I'm bothering with these annoyingly long captions is because the internet is fucking slow in the ocean. I think it's because we don't poach enough whales and jam routers into their floating corpses. Oh asshole in the air.

Who really thinks covering tits is sexy? Okay, I do, but that doesn't help my punchlines. I mean, nice bras are great, and some are quite fancy in design, but when I look in a magazine that has curves and lack of fat chicks, I expect to see at least dinnerplate areola sticking from behind fabric. I'm tellin ya, not enough hot and famous latino model chicks. Latina? Might need to get Guacamole's opinion on this.

And here, just like the elephant jizz, Old 'Manda is being sprayed upon. This time by seven olympic synchronized jizzing Italians.

Finally, return to the truth. Nice tits, nice body, I'd rather have a face of Bill O'Reily pasted on.

Y'know, in retrospect I'm significally hotter than Amanda whatsherface in her original face. If "airbrushing" or whatever the fuck this is can do that, I could be a total dime pie--I'll stop now.

Some fags in berthing were talking about airbrush or some bullshit. Don't give a fuck, there's tits, no need to be complifuckincated. Airbrush, real, animated, mannequin, dead, possum, I'd hit it all.
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Lemme tellya about the Dead or Alive movie [06 Nov 2006|07:21am]
Gar. Badger. It sucked, but DOA is one of those movies that sucks so hard that you HAVE to see it in order to be with the ridicule crowd, one of the few crowds that it's okay to be in even if you're a loner. Really. Go download this movie AND DO NOT PAY FOR IT.

Now, I know what you're saying, "FAG! Hot chicks makes it automatically the winz0rz!" NO YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE ONE WHO IS GAY GO AWAY! The chicks on the game are HOTTER way HOTTER so much HOTTER that I'd rather beat off to the GAME than the MOVIE AND I WILL TEST THIS BY LOOKING UP PORN PICKS OF THE CHICK WHO PLAYED HELENA and fappin it good. WHILE I DO GIVE IT THAT THE CHICKS ARE HOT and dave, we had this discussion, THEIR BOOBS AIN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE PART.

Some would say that there aren't and big tittied chicks what to fill the part, BUT THE CHICKS BARELY DID ANY MARTIAL ARTS!Y@!%^!@#!#& They had the KURAPPY FIGHTS! Only that one dude, Hayabusa was any good, and HE WAS A DUDE NO GET AWAY DUDE WITH COCK NO LEAVE

But it gets worse. Oh so much worse. Hot Helena chick was hot and said hot "KAY OH!" at the end of the fights...but then they displayed a big K.O. And they had health bars. FUCKIN HEALTH BARS AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN WHAT IS GOING ON?! Some bullshit about shots and putting metal balls in their bloodstream for vital hmmmgmurffgay.



There was only two good things in Dead or Alive aside from the many "HOH" panty ass and sideboobshots (and I am VERY disappointed in the boobshots), and they are--

Tired Ninjas. Hiymhaaaa~

And Weatherby. No pictures, but he has a buncha computer stuff and floatin' panels o' monitors with THREE USELESS KEYBOARDS YAY! If I was forced to have only one dude in a movie of mostly chicks, you can be in it, Weatherby. You're Not Bert©.
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Them porno games is get'n fancy [04 Nov 2006|04:58am]
'Sa good thing I'm in the ocean where Jesus, Holy Knight of Internets does not grace us with his benign tumor of high data rates.


Generic large creature that the hero must fight, even though there will be other much stronger enemies that embody equally wusslike bishounen swordguys or hot chicks with boobs too big to kick anything's ass. Put m'cock in her mouth she won't be casting any spells 'cept Level 4 Jizz Digestion.

Dunno what's goin on, but I'm pretty sure I'll be pushing buttons. Even if it is turn based. Is it turned based? OH MAN THIS MIGHT BE ACTION BIRDS EYE VIEW ANIME GAME WITH PORN CUTSCENES YAY!

She's attackin something, then she gets stuffed. Sounds just like the Women's Rights movement to me.

Oooh man speak of the savior I thought I saw Jesus in a monitor fingerprint. I WAS gonna try to figure out how to sell it on ebay, but he looked pretty pissed so I rubbed it away. After all, stuck on a monitor is no place for the Lord of Lords.

Oh yeah Dave, Lord of Lords Ryu Knight and Ryu Knight: Adeu's legend. Classic action Animeish around 1996 for the remake Adeu's Legend. Y'mightabee findin it through Haou Daikei Ryu Knight BUT THEN AGAIN BAHAHA OGOOQOGOOQO
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Binbo Shimai Monogatari [07 Sep 2006|03:30am]
Something that might rival Air in "Aaaaaaawww T_T" ness

The idea of dirty poor schoolgirl with dirty little sister arouses lemurs. I do wish I had some kind of broadband at the moment. This is 7 months of not downloading ANY anime AT ALL. I'm falling way behind, and will DESTROY the internet when I eturn to True Land.

A junior high school student Yamada Kyo and an elementary school student Yamada Asu are sisters, and they are living alone. Their father ran away leaving gambling debt, and the mother has already died. In spite of this unhappiness, they don’t gloom but they are living brightly and happily.

Because of the law changed a few years ago, Kyo can work now although she is still in junior high school. She works as a paperboy or a tutor to support the family. On the other hand, Asu do housekeeping jobs such as doing the meal, cleaning the room, and even handling the household finances to help her elder sister. There are kind people around them, such as the landlord or a novelist Saegusa, and they watch over the sisters gently.

They experience a lot of troubles and hard times, but the happiest thing for them is that they are nearby.

This is a heartwarming story drawing daily events of Kyo and Asu living in a small room of a 40-year-old apartment whose rent is 26,000 yen a month.
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New Terms of Bonerology [06 Sep 2006|04:31am]
Buxomicity - A guage devised by Professor Michael Prescot Ezekiel Singedkitten III for measuring boob length, girth and roundness. The Buxomicity scale is a range of Negative 20 (-20) to the extreme size smaller than proportionally allowed, while Positive 20 (+20) being to the extreme sizes larger than proportionally allowed. These represent the two thresholds of "Whoa not hot" in a way the compares quality with quantity, rather than size alone. The ideal of "perfect" is 0. Buxomicity scale can also be determined by hand banging on surfaces, subtracting from 20 left hand bang for large boob hotness or adding to twenty on right hand bang for small boob hotness.

Boobology - Study of boob, a catalyst to the study of Bonerology.

Vagology - Study of Ladycrotch.

Never study the bonerology of other dudes unless in the format of conversation related to Boobology or Vagology.
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The shit is a KongKong? [30 Aug 2006|04:30am]


No really.

What the deuce? They don't even have screenshots.

God damned chooks with their faggymation. KEEP ANIME WITH SCHOOLGIRLS AND TENTACOCKS PLEASE.

Maybe sword elf chicks.

But no dudes or pandas. Unless it's a negro that changes to a chick with cold water.

Oh Ranma.
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So I decided to continue Gravitiation after 5 or so years [12 Aug 2006|02:18pm]

I actually typed Singedkitten instead of my name. oh man.

1) I'm on duty the first day in port.
2) Bert's gay.
3) I'm sober.
4) I watched Gravitation.
5) Brain Powered has false advertising.

Now, that's not to say Brain Powered is bad. It looks to be able to catch my interest if I gave a fuck at the moment, but the series before it...oooow.

Alrigh Dave. Remember when I told ya not to watch Gravitation 'cause it's about some gay dudes in space? I was wrong.

IT'S ABOUT GAY DUDES SINGING. Them space suits? THEY WERE SPANDEX!!!! It's REC, but with a lot less boob. Thankfully there was a LITTLE boob in the form of purple haired scantly clad chick, but oh jeez. Some guy with pink hair singing japatechno and hangin onto a blonde japadude? And then abunchaotherjapadudes with flangly hair and colored construction toilet paper for clothes. The music wasn't all that good either. The only reason I watched the first few episodes YEARS AGO was for a song called Shining Collection.

Now, aside from the flamming homotude, it's a decent series. Pretty funny when Fagoshinichi isn't being a whining ass. In fact, the homo part isn't what bothers me, it's that he's such a fag about being a homo. Fag meaning sucking to the extreme that it somehow makes your penis transform into an upside down cupcake with a sad face drawn in mustard, not a derrogatory term towards homosexuals that bring us such great products such as the cotton gin, stop lights, caribou/giraffe seizures, and velcro tampons. It had the potential to be JUST UNDER Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh and Pani Poni Dash. So, what does Gravitation lack?

1) Boobs
2) Boobs
3) Schoolgirls
4) Optional blurred vagina
5) Cats
6) Small boobs on hot, small chicks
7) Large boobs on hot, small chicks
8) Decent sized boobs on amazon 7 foot chicks with angry veins coming from their panties.
9) Less flailing tards and repetative dance moves during the singing.

I also believe that if they were indeed in space, and Gravitation involved some sort of side-story about having super powers and fighting a secret war, or having sorcerers trying to save the last of their breed, or at least having some kind of...panty chasing school life it would have been good. Hell, they coulda stayed gay and just had their own zany, ass grabbing antics while the chicks did their own thing. Naked. The chicks. Dudes keep clothes on.

ALTERNATE GRAVITATION PLOT. I figured this out by drawing boobs on a torn piece of paper and holding it over every character, but with a little bit of modification they could totally all be chicks.

Lesbians singing and flailing to bad techno is a good thing. In short, if you're gonna be gay, you'd better get boobs...wait no. Have boobs in the first place. Have a boobs sidekick?

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Yet another Vagrant Space Ressurection Attempt [21 Jul 2006|12:39pm]

I'm out to sea with nothing else to do besides...rot.

I guess I'll give it a go.

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ADVENTURES OF DURKASTINE [04 Jul 2006|04:15pm]

Sos we went to this place called "Sky Bar", a place that has 2 computers with internet, a bar, and they cook. ARE YOU GETTING THIS, DAVE?! THIS BAR/CLUB HAS INTERNET. They haven't caught onto games yet, though.

Anyway, after getting food and shopping for candies at the Duty Free stores, we decided it was taaaaaahm ta get thtrassssshed. AFTER CONSUMING 3 HEINEKAMEHAMKAIYOKENS, I decided to remember to get this drink called FUCK YOU JOSHUA BACON. The Three Shittasting Hickboozes. A shot of Jim beam, Jack Daniels, and JOHNNY WALKER. NOT RED LABEL on the counta it tastes like drinking an already hungover turd dipped in gasoline and seasoned betwixt a one eyed fat cat's vaginaclaws.


It wasn't that bad this time. Prerberbler because I shelled out the cash to buy gold label Johnny.

CONTINUING ON IN THE NIGHT SINCE WHETHER WE LIKED IT OR NOT THAT WOULD GET US TRASHED, we went on to watch to Flippapino chicks shake their lackofbonbon while singing crapping songs. I mean, it was worse than Japafakeamerican club bands, and this dude had some fake guitar that was still playing music after he tried to get me off stage for attacking the big tittied phflip.

I think it was his girl or something, cause he didn't like what I touched OH MY THIS SHEEEE MIGHT NOT BE A SHEEEEE AT ALLLLLLL


wait yeah it is. all I know is I woke up this morning before Quarters, the floor next to my rack covered in Honey and Peach phillie blunts, and my coveralls over my head in the crotch area

Now to do it again

pictures to come even though I always say that
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Tryin ta remember crap I've seen [04 Jul 2006|03:57pm]

And I might repeat
And I'll list the ones that are movies
And I'll rearrange in order of what's better.

The Slayers – Greatest Old Fashioned Fantasy Anime EVER
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Sad story about chick in hospital for too long and her boyfriend is bonin someone else
Visions of Escaflowne – Chick goes to fantasy world with steam robots and catgirls
Record of Lodoss War – Epic fantasy series, REQUIRED FOR ANYONE WHO EVEN SAYS THE WORD ANIME
Armitage – Better than the series. 3 movies, mechachickboobs
Cyber City Oedo, movie – Criminals working for the police to become free
3x3 EYES – Chick from hidden race with special powers has boobs
E.Y.E.S. of Mars, movie – Chick with special powers wants to see the fucked up outside world.
Venus Wars, movie - Government of Venus has political shit. Reporter gets too much information.
Berserk – The most extreme guy ever does the most extreme stuff ever. Sequel coming
Goldenboy, though I think you still have it
Blue Submarine No. 6 - All I remember is half nude mermaid chicks with fangs
Black Cat
Blue Seed – Green haired dude and crazy chick
Green Legend Ran, Movie
Gunsmith Cats – Chicks in a detective agency
Happy Lesson
Happy Lesson Advance
Ranma ½
Aura Battler Dunbine – Mecha chick
Dirty Pair and all its incarnations – Chicks in a detective agency PRETTY MUCH NEKKID
Golgo 13
Tales of Eternia
Kare Kano
Himiko-den – Chicks with special powers runnin around
Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind, movie
Ebichu – Hampster watchin chick get boned
Sailor Moon AND ALL THE MOVIES. Make sure it's uncut.
Tekkaman Blade THOSE MOVIES TOO. – Dude and some dudes and a chick in mecha suits.
Demon City Shinjuku, Movie – Faggot ass demons pissing people off
Lensman, Movie
8-man After, Movie – Guy with cyber suit whoops ass
Samurai Pizza Cats – Cats with super power armor
Ronin Warriors – Dudes with super power armor
Suddenly Pudding Princess – Chick who knows magic shakes boobs
Final Fantasy Unlimited – Chick gets on a train to FuckedUpVille
Kiddy Grade – Chicks in space shootn stuff
Sousei no Aquarion – Chicks half nekkid on water scooters
Air Master – Chick kickin stuff
Bubblegum Crash – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor
Bubblegum Crisis – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor 2: Not in the 80’s
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 – Chicks kickin stuff in powered armor 3: More animated boobs
AD Police - The guy with chicks kickin stuff in powered armor talks about bonin
PATLABOR - Some tards solving crime with dirty looking mecha
Dominion Tank Police - Police in tanks having hijinx
You’re Under Arrest - Chicks catchin people doing bad stuff
Futari Ecchi - Guy tryin ta bone hot blue haired angry chick
Girls Bravo - More boobs than you can shake a boob at
Dragon Links (Outlaw Star spinoff): Hot police chicks that Gene Starwind prolly boned
Knights of Ramunes - Hot chicks around some kid that gotta get boned to power giant mecha
Magical Knight Rayearth - Hot schoolgirls in skirts with swords
Cyber Team in Akihabara: Pretty much same schoolgirls that transform to hot near nekkid battletron chicks
Uretsai Yatsuna. (I fucked that up. It's the OOOOLD thing from Rumiko Takahashi that made Ranma, with Lum. It has a newer movie from mid 90's called beautiful dreamer). Chick flyin around in leopard bikini

Stuff I had to look up from old tv listings:
X/1999 - Tards fighting to see who gets to fuck up the Earth first
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Crap from space nearly pwns Earth until crazy guy bones all the chicks and wins.
Tenchu Muyo! - Dude afraid of a buncha chicks
Tenchi Universe - Dude afraid of a bunchamore chicks:
Tenchi in Tokyo - Dude moves to Tokyo from chicks to bunchamore chicks.
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy - One of them chicks twirls a baton
Some Tenchi OVA about hot sexy Mihoshi, and the movies
Bakuretsu Hunters - A guy and his brother with hot chicks working for a hot chick with magic
Angel Sanctuary – Fuckin goths, some hot, tryin to be cool.
Tokyo Underground – Chicks with special powers from udnerground meet dude with special powers above ground.
Birdy the Mighty(3 or 4 episodes) – Nerd gets fused with hot chick, switches places in danger.
VanDread – Pretty much Tenchi Muyo in space. Nadesico ripoff
Narutaru – Chicks and some fags with giant starfish that are “dragons”
Flame of Recca – Kids with special powers fighting the system
I My Me, Strawberry Eggs – Dude gets makeover as a hot chick and teaches at all girl school
Eureka 7...is on cartoon network now? - Homos in mecha
Mirage of Blaze SUCKS. SUCKS.
Konjiki no Gash Bell – Fag gets a doll that shoots lightning
Appleseed – Chick and a black guy in a robot body shoot stuff
Project A-ko (A few movies) – 3 hot chicks tryin ta bone each other in space
Tenchi GXP – Tenchi’s cousin bones space chicks
Arc the Lad – Dude wearing a dress swings sword around
Ninja Scroll – Yet Another Japanese History lesson
801 TTS Airbats – The Japanese Air Self Defense is pretty much useless
Mahou Senshi Riui – Dude too strong to be a sorcerer has hot chicks helping him
Sorcerer Stabber Orphen – Above guy’s more competent friend has chicks follow him
Dragon Pink oooohhennnn
Dragon Half – Dragon chick fights for 2 episodes and leave you with blueballs
DiGi Charat – 2 seasons of retarded chibimolestation
Steel Angel Kurumi – Robot chicks awaken and bone some guy
Saber Marionette - Ditto
Hand Maid May – Miniature Chii bones guy in the palm of his hand
Green Green – Summer camp of highschool kids bonin
Maburaho – Chicks bein tards
Ichigo 100% - Dude and his friend take pictures of panties
Tokyo Mew Mew – Pink haired chick hots all over the place
Azumanga Daioh – Wasted tax money in schools
Shingetsutan Tsukihime – Hot vampire walkin around in a turtle neck sweater
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Girl singin crap with deep throat
Rockman – Super fightin robot bitch
Grenadier - Boobs with gunshells. Almost crap
Inital D – Dudes with cars and techno
Hale de Nochi Guu – Survivor: Azumanga Daioh
Samurai Deeper Kyo – Japanese History Lesson Part 2
Xenosaga the animation – Knock off of a good game that’s better than the knock off of Ragnarok
RahXephon – Robots based on band geek crap
Pretear – Sailor Moon meets fairy tales
El Hazard (3 seasons) – Guy and rival with his girlfriend go to another world and waste time.

GAINAX heavy plot stuff that I haven't put yet(http://www.gainax.co.jp/):

Mahoromatic – Chobits with more extreme girlfriend action
Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai – Comic book animation saves money
Mahou Tsukai Tai – Chicks flailin about with no reason
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water – Hottest black chick in old school anime
Otaku No Video – Chick with my kinda hobbies

Stuff I had to look up to remember:
D.N Angel – Guy who becomes a thief from his bloodline
Fate/Stay Night – Damn good attempt of making porn into a real series
Generation of Chaos – Tried to be better than Lodoss War. Close.
Kamisama Kazoku – Hot chick strangling her own vagina
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu – Schoolgirl acts hot
Tsubasa Chronicle (theres a Tsubasa Chronicle 2, too) – Guy and girl following him get into bullshit
Nanaka 6/17 – Bullshit flails about without finishing any real plot
Battle Royal Highschool – Who needs a plot with battling schoolgirls?
Da Capo – Nice schoolgirls doing LIFETIME channel things
Fortune Quest – Chicks going after treasure
Fushigi Yuugi – Chick goes into another world, finds a bunch of dudes and a chick who is a dude
Gensou Maden Saiyuki – Japanese Lesson Part 3
Groove Adventure Rave – Pokemon Advanced

Stuff I found through mah music:
Air – Sad shit about hot chick who is really a hot chick reborn
Cowboy Bebop – Dude, dude, hot chick, hot chick and dog bounty hunting in space
Dual! (From creater of Tenchi Muyo!) – Dude goes to parallel universe with chick, finds other chicks
Onegai Teacher – Hot chick from space teaches
Ayashi no Ceres – Hot chick is really a hot crazy chick with powers
Onegai Twins – Hot chick and her twin are from space
Trigun – Tard, preacher tard, talltardbitch from Hokkaido and angry bitch shoot stuff and each other.

Nadesico – Tenchi Muyo in space again
Yu Yu Hakusho – Guy shoots crap out of his finger
Saikano – Chick is a military weapon and hot
Get Backers – Guys work for hot chicks as detective agency
Stellvia – Bitch in space
Shaman King – Punkasses summoning dead spirits
Lost Universe (Slayers spinoff) – Tard and bitch solve crimes
Galaxy Angels – Chicks in SPACE YES
Kyou Mara Maou – Chick can’t really figure out life
Samurai 7 – Japanese History Part 4
Infinite Ryuvius – Childhood friends chick and dude go to space
Legendz – Failed attempt at great Fantasy. Good enough
Hunter x Hunter – Dude and dude run around roleplaying
Night Walker – Vampire fag uses his power to solve crimes
Mahou Tsuki Tai! – Chicks flailing about, younger
Kodomo no Omocha – Kids being damn near raunchy in the cock
Star Ocean EX – Guy from space meets chick that never went to space. Based on game Star Ocean: The Second Story
Weiss Kruez - Buncha assassin dudes pretending to sell flowers
Twin Spica – Doll headed dude from space abuses children
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Especially since there's a second manga coming aboot.

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